Supply Chain

Supply Chain

We committed to developing a supply chain that is aligned to our sustainability values. We will proactively communicate our sustainability policy to our suppliers and cease to work with suppliers found to be engaged :
• in the development of HCS, HCV or peat areas; or
• in the use of fires during land preparations; or
• in the exploitation of local communities; and
• who do not take immediate remedial actions

We have identified smallholders as particularly vulnerable in this endeavor and firmly believe in an inclusive approach for this group of suppliers. We will support smallholders by sharing our sustainability best practices and providing technical assistance.

Traceability is an important step towards building a responsible supply chain. The supply chain of the palm oil industry is complex and We committed to fully trace the origins of our palm oil products back to the plantation source.

We will develop and implement process to establish traceability to palm oil mills and plantations. We believe this can be achieved by working closely with our suppliers who include traders, dealers and smallholders.

This discussion around the interpretations and methodologies of traceability of the palm oil supply chain are still on-going within the industry. Bukit Berlian Plantation is contributing in this debate by engaging with stakeholders, other growers and industry players. We are part of the RSPO FFB Legality and Traceability Task Force and the informal Traceability Working Group led by the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH)