Corporate Profile

Corporate Profile

Established in 2011, based in Jakarta, Bukit Berlian Plantation is a palm oil producers in the region managing 35.225,56 hectares of palm oil plantations across Palu, Gorontalo, Manado and Maluku Utara provinces of Indonesia

At present PT Bukit Berlian Plantations has a planted area of ​​13,552.63 ha, and has 2 units of oil palm processing plant factory (PKS)

Our core business activities include cultivating oil palms, harvesting the fresh fruit bunches and milling them into crude palm oil (CPO). Our products are sold to both local and international markets.

The Group has a young plantation age profile, with more than fifty percent of our plantations either in their young or immature ages. This favourable age profile positions the Group well for strong production growth over the next few years as these plantations mature into prime-yielding ages.

Bukit Berlian Plantation is committed to the production of sustainable palm oil. Our sustainability strategy is centered upon maximising output while minimising the adverse environmental and social impact from our operations. We will constantly strengthen our sustainability framework through regular benchmarking against industry standards and best practices